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Nova Cardio: The Ultimate Solution for Heart Health Monitoring


300 €

250 €

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Improve your wellbeing with
Nova Cardio and Nova Health


The device takes daily measurements of 15 main indicators and more than 100 secondary indicators of cardiovascular health in 30 seconds.


Follow the recommendations, increasing the duration
and quality of life.


The application interprets the measurement results, makes recommendations. More measurements — more precisely recommendations.

cardiovascular health essentials

Everything in one
compact device

Nova Cardio combines the functionality of a blood pressure monitor, ECG machine and pulse oximeter. It is very compact and can be with you anytime and anywhere.

- Heart Rate
- Oxygen Saturation
- Heart Rate Variability
- Blood Pressure (estimation)
- other 103 parameters

30-second ECG broken into atoms

Each device measurement is a 30-second recording of ECG (electrocardiogram) and PPG (photoplethysmogram), processed and split into cardiac cycles, possible amplitudes and intervals identified and compared to medical norms. Furthermore, algorithms calculate features which, with time, build trends identifying the slightest changes in the cardiovascular system.

Nova Health app is a cardiovascular health knowledge base

Mobile and web-based apps explain all the measurements in simple terms, giving tips and recommendations for lifestyle changes to improve wellbeing.

small and mighty

Medical grade sensors
with high accuracy

Over 60 days
battery life

Wireless charging

Cutting-edge processing
AI algorithms

nova cardio is a perfect solution
for those who

Diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases or has ongoing conditions such as hypertension. It is more flexible to take measurements at any time and place, keeping records accessible to help analyse the trends and preventively identify if vitals worsen.

Generally care about their health, looking for options that would positively affect it. People for whom wellbeing is a conscious choice willing to experiment with new technologies. Nova Cardio provides an essential overview of cardiovascular health.

Care for their parents, grandparents and other close people. Depending on the circumstances, there is a need to monitor a person's vitals remotely. With Nova Cardio, you can share data with doctors, friends and relatives, giving you limitless options for monitoring.

Be aware

Know your risk for heart disease (cardiovascular disease - CVD)



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